15 Things I Never Thought I Would Say, Until I became a Prepper @MamaKautz

#1 Sure Honey, you can buy ammo
True story. These words are what perked The Principal’s ears up when I was first talking to him about storing food and such. He thought I’d lost my mind, until I said “You can buy some ammo.”

#2 I Want my own 9mm
First time ever out shooting. I was plinking with a .22LR and then got to try an AK47. Next thing I know I am taking a concealed carry class and picking out my own 9mm. A Taurus Millenium Pro. It was too big to conceal so then I say…..

#3 I Actually want that cute Raspberry LC9
Much easier to conceal for this 5’4″ lady. I because, well, if you are going to carry you might as well be stylish. Not gonna lie though, it has a kick to it. Nothing a little shock absorber couldn’t handle

#4 LC9
Until 2 and a half years ago I was a left winged, anti-gun, homeschool mom. Now I know the difference between an LCP and an LC9. I am still a homeschool mom, but not on the left, and certainly not anti-gun. It was all about the education.

#5 I actually don’t mind listening to Rush Limbaugh
My first husband worshipped him. He also called left wingers Liberal Pukes. (Yes, I was in that category) Now I don’t mind listening to good ‘Ol Rushbaugh. I don’t always agree, but I don’t think he as bad as he was in the 90’s.

#6 Naw, I don’t need a new car with a payment
I really want a Jeep Wrangler. What I don’t want, however, is a car payment. It’s isn’t responsible in our opinion. So I drive a ’99 Suburban that has a leak in the back window and loose fan that squeals if the heat is turned up too high. It has 4 wheel drive and tons of room if we have to bug out though.

#7 Yes, We do need another Costco size pack of toilet paper
I grab one every time we shop. Never have enough toilet paper. No, this wasn’t always the case.

#8 WOW We only got 9 eggs today
We lived on these 5 acres 9 years before getting chickens. I try not to think about all of those farm fresh eggs that we didn’t get. Especially with 2 growing teen boys. In case you didn’t know, when it’s super cold, if you don’t gather eggs everyday they will freeze.

#9 Sure honey, you can buy that archery set
Ammo may not always be available. Also, it’s important to have skills. Now if the boys would just quit missing the target and loosing the arrows.

#10 I really like this wheat grinder
Who the heck grinds their own wheat berries? Well, I don’t yet. I know, I know….#1 Prepper rule is knowing how to use your gear. I have this awesome wheat grinder and still have to learn exactly how to use it and bake with the flour I get as a result. Maybe I should do a review on how to use it.

#11 Am I concealing?
Does this LC9 make my butt look big? Hardly lol Super easy to conceal, even with summer clothes. Never thought I would be asking those questions though.

#12 This goat milk lotion is amazing (made with milk from my own goat)
We had goats for about a year. I will probably regret that we sold them. I don’t miss the chores that came with owning goats, but I will miss the milk they provided. I have learned how to make lotion with it. I have a ton still frozen. Maybe I should sell it on Etsy?

#13 Do we have enough firewood
We had a wood-stove installed last October. Best investment ever. Such a cozier warmth than the furnace. Bonus: If power goes out we will still be warm and have a cooking source.

#14 Tears of joy over a pressure canner
My sister-in-law had said she was going to give me one they didn’t use anymore. Mother comes for Thanksgiving last year with a package for me. I was expecting an older hand me down. Oh no. It was brand new and BEAUTIFUL! I have pressure canned chicken, hamburger, and even bacon.

#15 I’ve got an oil for that
In January I was introduced to essential oils by Little House on the Valley at a Blogging Concentrated conference. I knew right away that oils were something I need to learn about and include in our preparedness plan for when there is no doctor. Now, I can’t set a broken bone or stitch up a GSW, but I do have an oil for most things.

What are some things you have said that surprised you since you started prepping?

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