There are some changes happening here at Mama Kautz.
If you have been here for any length of time you have probably already noticed.

I LOVE writing about preparedness and homeschooling. I also have a passion for essential oil education. The preparedness lifestyle led to homesteading which led to a natural lifestyle. Toxin free cleaning and using essential oils in our everyday lives.

I feel like there are so many preparedness bloggers and how many solar charges does one need to review.
We also are on our 10th and final year of homeschooling.
My mission and purpose has shifted. So I am going on an adventure with blogging

So what is this new adventure you ask?

Our second home on the interwebs.

Mama Kautz won’t be going anywhere, there just won’t be much new content. I have worked for 5 years to bring you what is here and it will stay here.

Please join us over there to learn more about essential oils and living the wellness lifestyle. My preparedness and homesteading content will stay here indefinitely.