Wow, it has been a really long time! I thank you for sticking around, or at least stopping by occasionally.
I have been blogging for something like 12 years now. Holy cow!
I started out on blogspot as Crazy Homeschool Mama. Came to Mama Kautz where I continued my writing and sharing our homeschooling journey.
I started integrating our homesteading knowledge which included canning, goats, and of course chickens.
Then I went down the preparedness pathway. But let’s be honest. There is only so much one can share about any of these topics.
Then we sold our little homestead and moved to the suburbs. Kids kept getting older and moving away. So I am not living the homeschooling and homestead life anymore.
I shared about essential oils a bit here and there. My heart was really to help fellow preppers get them in their homes. It was what got me started in them to begin with. Preppers don’t think they need oils, or if they do they don’t USE them or LEARN about them. I felt was beating my head against the wall with all of that.

So no more homestead. No more kids to homeschool. No more writing about preparedness. Where do I go from here?
I thought about shutting down this space, but the content here is still relevant. People still find their way here.

Going forward I want this to be a place to hang out. Have coffee on my porch if you will. Yes, that is my porch in the photo.
Grab your coffee (or tea if you prefer) and come hang out.
Read the archives, some of which will be getting a makeover and updates, or come and watch for what is to come.
More writing from my heart. About the empty nest. Having kids across the country. Motherhood and marriage after 20+ years.
If you want to learn more about oils, because I am still very much doing oils as my business, head over to There is where you will find education and tips on how to integrate oils into your life.

Talk soon,

Mama K

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