The New Old Truck {review}

by Jennifer Somervell & Margery Fern, illustrator

Tales from the Farm Publications 2014


Ages 4 to 8 38 pages








The New Old Truck is based on a true story.
Wonderfully illustrated.

The story starts out with the Old Truck not doing so well after getting old. He no longer ‘farts’ out exhaust and is needing to be replaced.
The two little girls in the story don’t want a new truck and tell their father so. They like Old Truck and do feel that he needs to be replaced.
Well, much to the little girls dismay, dad buys a new truck.
One day their older brother comes home and decided to refurbish Old Truck and Old Truck ‘farted into life.’

It’ a cute story, although I would probably not have used such descriptive words when my kids were younger. Maybe it’s lost in translation as the story is based in New Zealand.
The back of the book has a small glossary of words. (No, fart is not listed)
There are also a few pictures of the original truck and it’s owner, as well as a short description of how the truck got from America to New Zealand in 1938.
This would be great for history and geography.

I received this book free in return for my unbiased review. Please read my disclosure for more information

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