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Awhile back I wrote about how I wasn’t a hugger. I was scared about Relevant. I was scared about meeting my online friends and having to hug them.
My mom died in September.
The last time I saw her was a Thursday afternoon.
I had had a great visit with her. Sitting on the edge of her bed and chatting about my half marathon on Sunday.
I was leaving for 4 days so I wouldn’t be seeing her.
I walked to the door and paused…..I thought ‘go hug her.’
Mom and I didn’t hug so it would have been awkward.
I didn’t hug her.
She died that Monday morning.

When I got to Relevant I surprised myself at how easy it was for me to hug my friends in my computer. I believe I just about knocked Cassie over at the airport when she surprised me.
Life is short. We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. Hug those you love. Tell them you love them. Often.