A day in our life….


Well. I can say no two days are the same….ever….

I am not a strict, stick to the schedule, kind of homeschool mom.  We ALL went nuts when I tried that. There were tears!

Our typical light ‘summer’ schedule has gone somewhat close to this:

Roll out of bed by 10ish….really lucky day is 9:30

Eat and get dressed…if it was Tuesday or Thursday this was usually in a swim suit because that meant beach day with other homeschoolers

We are covering a State a week and a President a week. In chronological order…..

If it isn’t beach day then Lego’s are usually pulled out. J12 keeps busy with them most of the day.  He is into making videos with them….1 screen at a time.

E14 usually reads….and reads….and reads.

We do have zones…per Fly Lady…or if you are a Duggar fan jurisdictions…usually done daily.

We do watch our fare share of History channel, Discovery channel etc. I did reinstate Netflix.  Most other channels are locked..ie Nickelodeon, Disney etc.

And since I am usually the one hogging the computer they don’t get much of that either.

This is our typical day…..very laid back. Learning happens if you provide your children with the opportunity…and not always from a textbook.

Our school year Sept-June is much more ‘schoolish’ more subjects obviously. 

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