Off Grid Cooking
Last summer Team Kautz was off in the wilderness of North Idaho camping off grid.
There may be a vault toilet, but that’s it.
So, what better time to practice our off grid cooking. No oven or crockpot.
I asked my friends at Prepared Bloggers to give me their best Off Grid Cooking posts.
Woah, there is some great stuff out there! Who knew?

I will start with dessert first, because, well, live a little. Cooke’s Frontier has Very Berry & Cherry Cobbler in the Dutch Oven. Oh my YUMM! Super simple recipe with cake mix and canned fruit.

The main course? Lasagna! In a dutch oven! I tell ya, Mr. Cooke’s Frontier is one lucky man!

I think I will add the Dutch Oven Bread by The Backyard Pioneer.

Another dinner, with more bread of course, will be this Venison Roast! by Simply Canning! Oh my yumm!

I am fresh out of rabbit, but this recipe, shared by Imperfectly Happy sure is Pinnable.

Gnowfglins shares her love of camping under the stars in her post about Rocket Stoves. She lists “pure enjoyment” as a reason to cook without power.

Food Storage and Survival has EIGHT ways to cook without power.

Mom Prepares talks about different ways to cook in an emergency. Our trip isn’t an emergency, but a great way to practice. She shares 4 ways to cook, and none are dutch oven. I think we will definitely try the log stove!

Grey Wolf Survival talks about his DIY Solar Oven. We have one and thought about taking it. It’s bulky and not camp gear friendly, but it was summer. What better time to practice.

Montana Homesteader teaches us how to cook on an open fire, because, BACON! This is great for if there isn’t a grid over the fire, like the ones provided in a camp ground. There will be at least 2 breakfasts that include bacon in the cast iron skillet.

Trayer Wilderness shares about the benefits of Solar Cooking.

This Tea Light Oven is a great alternative, not for camping, but in a power outage. Thanks to The Busy Homemaker for sharing that DIY.

Don’t have time to read? Listen to a Podcast! Off Grid Cooking with Melissa K Norris.

And, when all is said and done, and it’s time to clean that cast iron, Survival Common Sense shows how it’s done.

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