We love audio books and theater. So when I had the chance to review Oliver Twist I jumped at it.
What is not to love about Oliver Twist?
It’s a classic.
This has 5 audio cd’s and a DVD.

Fire in the fire place. Snow falling outside. Lego’s spread all over the living room. Water boiling for hot chocolate.
Add Oliver Twist radio theater and you have the perfect afternoon.
This particular set is recommended for 12 and up. Published by Focus on the Family. As usual, they didn’t disappoint. But, their 12 and up is a good baseline for listening ages.
There is death, abuse, drunkenness, poverty & street crime.
Not anything I would let my elementary aged child listen to, but that is just me.

The quality is exceptional. So detailed you feel like you are at the theater watching it all on stage….

I give this a 5 of 5 stars. So thankful to be able to review this for Tyndale House.

I received this free for my unbiased opinion.

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