32.  Teen sons even if they don’t answer their phone after calling and telling you they are on the way to the ER 8+ hours away
33.  Doctors that can stitch up above sons head
34.  His friends that took care of him
35.  Nurses that nursed my mom back to health while in hospital with pneumonia
36.  Friends that let me call in hysterics when teen son is going back to ER 2 days later with a fever
37.  Same friend that calms me down and was my voice of reason
38.  Prayers from my friends that live in my computer….you know who you are!
39.  husbands that support my need to go to Relevant
40.  Sponsors that help with my hotel at Relevant (go see Founders Academy)
41.  that The Principal doesn’t have to golf this weekend and ‘schmooz’ after being out of town all week
42.  Summer days at the county fair and the lake after

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