Awhile back I had a Frienday….a day where friends come over, hang out, eat my oranges. I accumulated 2 Mason jars full of peels in one sitting.
So I thought I should do something with these!
So I soaked them in vinegar for 10 days. Actually 1 jar for 10 days….the other jar is working on a month…oops.

After pouring my full strength vinegar into a spray bottle I thought woah this is still super strong.

So, after searching Google, let me tell you what I did wrong.

* Not long enough soaking for the first jar. 14 Days is ideal.
* 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. Hence why I thought it smelled like Easter eggs in my kitchen.

So after rectifying these two things I am pleased with my cleaner.

Do you use natural cleaner?

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