Here are a few things you should do, right now, for pandemic preparedness. H1N1 is spreading, at a rapid pace, across the US.
The last thing you want is for it to be where you are and you not be prepared. Not be ready for it and have to go to the store.
When I say pandemic I picture the movie Contagion. A scenario, like Contagion, where it takes 30-90 for the virus to run its course.

Pandemic Preparedness

Get Extra Cash
I try to carry some cash with me at all times. We have a stash in the house as well. If there were a true emergency that resulted in a run on ATM’s, would you be out of luck?

Got Soap
I have lots of soap in our preps. I also have hand sanitizer. We only use the sanitizer if somebody is sick. I don’t want to kill the good bacteria.

Buy Water
Water is something else that will run out in a emergency situation. The issue in VA is a prime example. If a pandemic were to happen and you had to shelter in place you’ll want water in your preps.

Purchase Rice, Pasta, and Beans
Again. Simple foods, but easy to stock up on in case you can’t leave the house.

Stock up on Canned Food
An extra can or two every time you go to the store adds up fast. You’ll be glad you did if you have to stay home for any length of time.

Check Your First Aid Kit
This includes your essential oils and the like. Are you stocked up enough on fever reducers and Kleenex to not worry about going to the store hoping you get out without being exposed?

Test Your Portable Radio
Don’t rely on your smart phone to get information. Test it periodically to make sure it works.

Make an Emergency Contact List (on Paper)
Again, don’t rely on your phone. Write down phone numbers in case you have to use a neighbors phone or your un-programmed land line.

Stash Away Extra Prescriptions
The Principal is on a couple of maintenance prescriptions. I have a 3 month supply as backup.

Consider Buying N-95 Masks
Never enough of these. If you HAVE to go out, wear one.

Know Your Work/School’s Emergency and/or Pandemic Plan
Does your employer have a plan? Do they encourage you to work from home? What about your child’s school?

Understand Basic Prevention
To keep from getting sick practice prevention methods endorsed by the CDC:

Stay away from others who are sick.
Stay home if you’re sick.
Cover your mouth when you cough.
Wash your hands.
Don’t touch your face, nose, eyes.
Be healthy; that is get enough sleep, drink water, eat well, and exercise.

The current pandemic possibility is a good reason to review your needs and your preparedness level. How ready are you?

To see this weeks stats click on this CDC link.
I also wrote for Freedom Prepper on this very topic.

photo credit: Xavier Donat via photopin cc

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