Perfection vs Excellence in Motherhood
Perfection vs Excellence in Motherhood

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This is a guest post from my friend, Leeah. She doesn’t have a blog or twitter….but she has something to say:

My name is Leeah and I’m a perfectionist.
To look at my house you would think I’m crazy for saying that, but it is true.

My perfectionism runs so deep that if I am certain I won’t be able to get something the way I want it, I don’t want to bother with it at all.
I don’t just want the house clean, I want every drawer and cupboard organized and spotless.
I have been struggling with this area of my life for years. I want so badly to have a perfectly organized, spotless house that I disengage and get depressed when I feel like I am so far behind it will never happen.

I have had to set goals several times not to get my house perfect, but to make it better today than it was yesterday.
I make endless lists of things I want to do and get discouraged and angry with myself when my expectations are not met. This is a daily struggle for me… But I’m working on it.
In some area of our lives we are probably all struggling with this.
Whether it be our finances or our marriages, our jobs, homeschooling, or maybe parenting there is a deep desire in us to be perfect.

Instead of being real with our friends, we put on a mask of perfection not letting them see the weaknesses in us.
Sometimes we just need to be real, we need to let others know that we all struggle.
Why? Because if they see you as perfect they aren’t getting an accurate view of a Christian life.

It’s not a cake walk to be a Christian, we all have daily battles that we fight.
I am trying to change this struggle in my life.
Not that I want to let things go and not do well, but I need to give up this idea of perfection and work towards excellence.
Perfection does not exist this side of heaven.
Perfection can be a lead weight around our necks pulling us under.

I attended the funeral of a friend yesterday.
Many in attendance spoke of the excellence of her life, her devotion to family, her hard work.
I hope that I may leave just as amazing of a legacy to my children someday.
I don’t need them to see me as perfect…
But I’d like for them to say she never gave up, she kept going, she persevered, she overcame, but most of all I want to hear my Savior say “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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