Perseid Collapse review by @MamaKautz

This is book 1 in the Perseid Collapse Post Apocalyptic series.
You can also read my review of the prequel, The Jakarta Pandemic.

I had started to read this and then saw there was a prequel. So, being the OCD’r that I am, I had to read The Jakarta Pandemic first, then came back to The Perseid Collapse. You wouldn’t have to do this, but it did help with getting to know the characters so you know what you are dealing with in this book.
The storyline in this book is about 8 years after The Jakarta Pandemic.
There is what some things was an EMP. Others think it was a meteor or perseid.
Of course the family isn’t all in one place when it happens. Alex has to get his son and his son’s girlfriend (who happens to be his neighbor, Ed’s, daughter) from college in Boston.

Alex’s wife Kate is to guide the rest of the families of Ed, Alex, and Charlie (another neighbor) to their bug out location ‘only’ about 35 miles away.

They have obstacles to overcome and it makes for a fast moving and exciting storyline. There is militia that has to be dealt with.
I made a mental note to not be a Charlie and I really need to get back to running. or something.

My disclaimer: I am a 40 something homeschool mom. The gun battles and such, while adding to the story line, I don’t know how realistic they are. So guys, if you read one and are like “There is no way that happened!” I warned you.
I really like this genre and this is the second book where he didn’t disappoint.

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