I call these outings School Outside the Classroom.

The weather was amazing.
We hadn’t gone anywhere all week.
I had to go to the library to pick up books that were on hold so it was only logical to go to the river.

We went on a photo/nature walk.
There was a hawks nest, lots of new vegetation, and warmth from the sun.

They took pictures.
They laughed.
They played in the water.
It was so relaxing.

This sun was good for the soul.
It got the cobwebs out of the fuzzy winter brain.
These two are going to be 14 and 16 in the next few weeks….

Time is of the essence as it were.
Today was one of those days I wished I could take pictures in my mind.
Pictures of each moment.
Each giggle. Each time they teased the other. The picture of boy child playing in the water, just like when he was little.

Mama’s. Spend time with your babies. Be a Yes Mom.

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