Physical Preparedness. More than Beans, Bullets, and Band Aids

Last week I wrote about Spiritual Preparedness. Today I want to talk about Physical Preparedness.
You are going to need to be strong and healthy when that emergency comes. To take care of your family. To protect yourself from civil unrest.
My job is to make sure our family will be ready for whatever may happen.
Blizzard, forest fire, job loss or God forbid The Principal get hurt at work.
Can you carry a 50 pound pack for 5 miles? What if you are away from home and there is a catastrophic event like an earth quake or an EMP and you have to walk home?

Last summer the family and I went to hike up to a remote lake in mountains. The hike was not your typical trail. It was boulder hopping. I couldn’t finish it because I lacked strength in my left leg due to knee surgery years ago. There is no excuse for this. This is a perfect example of physical preparedness gone wrong.

As I said last week, prepping isn’t just Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids.
You need to be physically prepared for what comes your way. If you are overweight or out of shape you won’t be able to Bug Out easily. You will be a burden to your group, potentially putting you all in danger.

For obvious reasons I will say talk to your doctor first.

Don’t go all out and start running marathons or doing Crossfit if you haven’t worked out in 5 years.
You need to work up to those levels of fitness.
The Principal and I have started our physical preparedness by walking a few evenings a week. This is walking above and beyond our normal routine. “They” say 10,000 steps a day is a good goal. Not gonna lie, I don’t get there if I don’t specifically go out and walk.

While I would LOVE to join a Crossfit gym because I feel it would be motivating to me, I don’t have the cash to fork over, nor do I want to drive 35 miles to the nearest gym that has Crossfit. We need to get creative out here in the boonies. Simply raking leaves, or in our case pine needles, is actually a good upper body workout for this old’ish body. Doesn’t get the heart rate up much, but the muscles are sore the next day.

We have also started eating a mostly Paleo diet and also juicing fruits and vegetables. I rarely buy processed foods of any kind and any grains that might be a treat are whole wheat. These things along with quality supplements has us feeling great.

Something else I did, along these lines, was wean off prescription medication for anxious feelings. Now I didn’t go cold turkey and I did talk to my doctor first. It didn’t hurt that the stressors in my life had changed dramatically. Now if I feel stress or anxiety I turn to my essential oils. Again, TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR FIRST. We also have a done a couple 30 days cleanses to detox our bodies from outside toxins that may build up over time.

Something to think about if the SHTF: Will you be having withdrawals from sugar, alcohol, tobacco, junk food, or some other addiction? I understand that our food storage isn’t real food necessarily ie: #10 cans of 25 year shelf life, but how are you going to be handling the stress of an event on top of detoxing or withdrawing from the junk you’re eating now.
I can tell you my coffee with my shot of vanilla? Yes, it will suck for me. I can also tell you that that daily iced coffee with vanilla is the only real thing I will be having a withdrawal from.

How about you? How are you fairing physically when it comes to preparedness?

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