The timing of my finally sitting down to read these two chapters is all His! After a week of feeling under attack…for my husband and I not seeing eye-to-eye on things….to read the chapter Picket Fences and have this quote “Perhaps you don’t even bother moving towards others, because in doing so you put yourself at risk.”

The pencil story….A little girl has to choose between a set of pretty princess pencils or an educational activity book. As a child I think I would hands down choose the pencils. I wasn’t the ‘pleaser’ I am today. Today…say I had to choose between a hand held cheese grater or the offered on sale at Sear’s food processor that The Principal was offering as an early Christmas present…I would say I don’t need it, it’s too much (it really was a good deal) and I would walk out of the store so as not be there at check out feeling guilty for the money spent. I would have chosen the hand held cheese grater…you know, IF this were a true story.Ahem.

“Even thought the bible says I am saved not by works but by faith, I still believe deep down that God is more accepting of those who perform well and do the right things than He is of those who do not”
The paragraph where Emily talks about the mom who is wanting her prodigal daughter to come home and says what a testimony she will have…Emily says “does it mean our testimony is un-awesome”

Those of us with testimonies of redemption from abortion, infidelity, or addictions….WOULD GIVE OUR RIGHT HAND to NOT have that testimony….I shouldn’t say those of us…ME….BUT As long as I GIVE HIM THE GLORY and USE IT FOR GOOD! Then ok….this was His plan! I have been freed!


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