1. Login with your ID + Password (
2. Create Your Order (either a standard one-time order or a loyally rewards order)
3. To choose your items to go to the shop tab
4. Add the items you want to order
5. Add shipping and payment details
6. Process your order
When you first log in, you have two options:
1. Create or Edit a Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) Order
2. Create a One-time Standard Order
• Wholesale Prices.
• An order does not automatically repeat.
Ordering through the Monthly Loyalty Rewards Program is the smartest way to use
your wholesale account and it is the highest paying rewards program I have ever seen.
Especially in the Natural Health + Wellness Space.
Everything that I used to buy off of the store shelves I now buy through my online store.
I no longer spend hours driving and shopping. Buying products with ingredients that
were toxic for us. Ingredients I could not pronounce. I now have natural products
delivered to my front door and earn rewards to do so.
Not only do I purchase everything at 25% off but the additional perks are mindblowing.
I bring beautiful products that are more natural and safe into my home and doTERRA
rewards me for being a loyal customer.
They reward us for taking care of our health.
Taking care of our families.
And the rewards are incredible!
Ps. Before we go any further I should tell “PV” stands for “Points Value”.
All doTERRA products are assigned a points value, where 1 point is roughly equivalent
to 1 dollar/euro/pound. Not all products are equal so check your cart to find out what
the PV of your order is. Some oils even have a higher PV than they do price point.
In 2018, doTERRA awarded more than $320 million (retail value) of products to
members through the Loyalty Rewards Program.
• No-hassle, automatic shipment of the doTERRA products you use on a monthly
• Receive up to 30% of the PV value of your monthly LRP order in points
• Redeem your LRP points for doTERRA products
• Freedom to change your LRP order up to the day before your monthly ship date
• A convenient way to meet monthly PV and bonus qualification requirements
• View and use Loyalty Rewards points online in your back office
• LRP orders can be set to ship any day between the 1st and the 28th of the
• Orders totaling 125 PV or more that process on or before the 15th of each
month, will include a free product of the month!
• 50 PV is the minimum to be enrolled in the program and earn 10 – 30% of your
purchases back in points for free products.
• 100 PV is the minimum to earn bonuses on any referrals (for Business Builders)
• 125 PV is the minimum to receive the free product of the month (you must also
set your order to ship by the 15th of the month in order to receive this bonus)
• 1 PV is the minimum to maintain your reward level and keep points from
previous orders (however you won’t earn points on orders under 50 PV)
doTERRA loves to reward customer loyalty, which is what this program is all about.
Every month you participate in the program moves you closer to receiving a higher
percentage back in points:
• Months 1-3: earn 10% back in points
• Months 4-6: earn 15% back in points
• Months 7-9: earn 20% back in points
• Months 10-12: earn 25% back in points
• Months 13+: earn 30% back in points
• The minimum monthly LRP amount of the order must be at least 50 PV to earn
• Orders with a minimum of 1 PV* will maintain both Loyalty Reward level (%) and
previously accrued points
• There is no limit to the number of points you can accumulate each month.
• Reward points expire 12 months from the date of issue.
• Reward points can be used to purchase full PV products only.
• Reward points can be redeemed by phone (1-800-411-8151) or online in the
new shopping cart
• Redemption orders have no PV
• A redemption fee of $3, applicable taxes, and shipping and handling charges will
• Must be an LRP participant for 60 days before reward points can be redeemed
• All reward points and percentage will be immediately canceled with LRP
• Reward points have no cash redemption value and are non-transferable
• Products purchased with LRP points are not for resale
• Cancellation of LRP order must take place over the telephone by calling
Member Services at 1-800-411-8151, or by chatting online with a live