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If you follow me on Facebook, then you have seen me say part of our preparedness plan is our health. It’s why we use essential oils, try to eat clean, and also get to the Barre studio a few times a week.
I don’t know about you, but I am tired of always looking for healthy recipes and getting sucked into Pinterest. (yes, it’s a thing)
Enter the Ultimate Bundle!

Home cooks all over the world want to simplify mealtimes, put unfussy (but still healthy) meals on the table, and ditch the frantic late afternoon craziness (you know what I’m talking about) of hangry kids, frozen meat, or unsoaked dry beans.

Last year, the team at Ultimate Bundles unveiled the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle, and it checked all your meal planning boxes:

Save money and waste less food
Thousands of recipes so you’d find ones that fit your family
Healthy meal ideas and plans for no-guilt mealtimes
But this year’s edition of the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle is even better.

After feedback from last year’s customers, the Ultimate Bundles team created this bundle to have a clickable, convenient index. You’ll find all the recipes in one place, plus you can ignore recipes that don’t fit your family’s diet or preferences, or even find recipes that will help you use up that last bit of produce.

You also get nutritional info for every recipe, so you’ll know the macros,(for your IIFYM and KETO peeps) fiber, and fat grams for everything from that matcha tea latte to the crockpot beef stew you’ve been craving to that decadent chocolate lava cake.

They’ve even standardized every single recipe, and put them all into 12 categorized, beautifully formatted and easy to use digital cookbooks, AND made more than 30 unique and practical meal plans to go with them (grocery lists and prep plans included).

I was excited to tell my readers about it last year, but the changes this year make me even more ecstatic to share.

If you’re ready to stick to your food budget, whip up healthy meals, and quit wasting food, check out the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle before the sale ends at midnight on Monday.

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