Part are prepping is having a record of what you have purchased.
I didn’t think this was important until stuff started accumulating.
Then there was the need to rotate food.

I tried a few apps and while those are great, we may not always have access to the internet or electricity for that matter.

Enter the Preparedness Planner.
You can read my review.

A great printable planner that makes it possible to have all of your information in one location.
Recently available are the Essential Oil and Firearm Edition’s. These are great additions to the Preparedness Planner.
She does talk about using a brand other than doTERRA, but I won’t hold that against her hee hee.

Essential Oil Chapters include, among others:

  • Introduction to Essential Oils
  • Oils Lists
  • Essential Journal (what oil was used and how it worked)

Firearm Chapters include, among others:


  • Introduction
  • Firearm List
  • Firearm Record Sheet
  • List of supplies for the Range
  • Supply Lists for cleaning and reloading
  • Inspection List Sheet


I really like that I can print more pages if I need them and not print what I don’t need. As I said in my review, this planner is complete and covers everything you could think of when it comes to keeping track of your preps.

How do you keep track of your preps?


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