Review of Preppers Blueprint

By far the most complete Preparedness book I have read.

This book has everything, but the kitchen sink, in it.

The Prepper’s Blueprint Layers of Protection

Layer 1~Chapters 1-14
Prepare yourself for everyday disasters. Power outages, storms, that sort of thing.

Layer 2~ Chapters 15-31
Medium effect disasters like pandemics or economic collapse

Layer 3~ Chapters 32-56
Change your lifestyle and be ready for anything.

Need to know what to put in a 72 hour bag or your pets Bug Out Bag? It’s in there.

Dental Emergency Tips? It’s in there.

There’s a whole chapter on Mental & Spiritual Preparedness.
Food storage: What you need and how much? Also, best ways to store.
What tools are best to store.
Need a recipe on how to make laundry soap or stain remover? It’s in there.
Emergency Communication? It’s in there.
What to invest in for the coming collapse? Not what you’d think, but it’s in there too.

This does not come close to all that is in this book.
When I tell you it’s complete, it’s in there!


I don’t say this lightly when I say this is a MUST HAVE.

I received this book for free in return for my unbiased review. No Zombies were holding me hostage when I wrote it.

Buy your own The Prepper’s Blueprint now.(click on the book cover)

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