Preppers Road March
Written by Ron Foster
Book 1 of Prepper Road Saga

Preppers Road March A Review

The main character is Dave. He is a prepper who is out of town for work when an EMP hits the town he is in. While he has preps with him in his truck he isn’t near it at the time. He decided to get out of dodge or GOOD without going the few miles to his truck. He has to find a way home….approx 140 miles.
The story continues then on Dave’s journey home. The different people he helps along the way.

He proves that preps aren’t always your bug out bag, but also knowledge.

As a newbie, I found myself taking notes while reading it because of the great information that Ron has weaved into the story line.

Being the grammar snob that I am I did, at times, find it difficult to read or at least not mentally correct. I think these are self published, thus not gone over with a fine toothed comb. That aside, the information is plentful and the story line engaging!

On a 5 star scale I give this a strong 3….a seasoned prepper may not like the story line and a grammar snob, such as myself, may not be able to get past the typos.

I was given this book free for my review…my opinions are my own. I was not being held, against my will, by Zombies at the time of this post.

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