Are you tired of being on Facebook? I know I am. But I also love the community there in some of the groups I am in and the ones I run, like The Essential Prepper.

Essential Oil Tips

What if you could get essential oil tips right to your phone? Just one a week?
I am doing just that for y’all. That is how passionate I am about essential oils for preparedness education. These oils have helped us numerous times and I want that for you! Oils aren’t just for hippies.

Some weeks might be a specific oil highlight, another week might be how to use oils on a cut or scrape. Some tips might be specific too your kids and safety using essential oils.

I will do the occasional giveaway and also share any promotions that I think you would benefit from. I won’t ever give away or all your information.

The world is changing.

Well, let’s be honest. It HAS changed and it won’t be the way it was. You want to be prepared for your family. What if you can’t get to CVS for your child’s ear infection? What if you don’t have that pink drink in the bathroom cabinet? There are oils for just about anything.
I am not saying that modern medicine doesn’t have it’s place. It does! I am saying what if you can’t get to the doc, or they are too busy to see you because your health issue isn’t a priority.

Zombies are Coming

Are you concerned about being able to even fight off those Zombies because your health declined durning the lockdown? I can help with that too. Just text Wellness Wednesday to the same number you see above.

Regardless of what you choose I have got your back and you are not alone! I will walk alongside you every step of the way.

Mama K

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