Have you wondered how to pressure can ground beef? I did so I tried it and it really can be done and done safely.

I was able to purchase the 40 pounds of ground beef from Zaycon Foods again. It’s the ONLY way I will buy my ground beef if we don’t have access to half a beef from a farm. Their beef is the best for pressure canning for long term food storage.
*UPDATE* I now buy local, grass fed.

You pre-cook the ground beef or you will have little meat loaves that are hard to removed from the jar. You don’t have to pre-cook the ground beef if you are ok with it being solid. You can also choose to pre season. I did not as I wasn’t sure what I would be using the pressure canned ground beef for. 

While my meat was cooking I had the lids and rings boiling then simmering on the stove. The jars seal better with warm lids.
My jars were run through the dishwasher during this time. I do this to sanitize and warm them.

I then drain the meat to get rid of the fat….what little there was as I used 97/3 ground beef.

Then I fill the pint jars with the cooked ground beef then add water. Alternately you could use broth.

Place the lids and rings and you are ready to go.

I found this handy table to use as a guide for length of time and weight of gauge.

I needed to do 75 minutes, in the canner, at 15 pounds because of our elevation, which is 2200 feet.

Are you going to pressure can ground beef now? 

Here is a link to a USDA pressure canning PDF.

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