Being the sibling of a prodigal child

photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photopin cc

I am me.
I am not my sibling.
The choices they make or made aren’t choices I agree with.
Please don’t pass judgement on me because of something my sibling has done.
Don’t assume that I am anything like them.

Don’t say ‘Oh, your so and so’s brother?
Don’t think you can get away with what they tried to get away with!’ Especially As a teacher, whom I looked up to.

When you find out I am so and so’s sibling
Please don’t suddenly treat me like I have the plague. Their behavior bothers me too.

Please don’t think it’s my parents fault.
They raised us all in a loving, Christian home. My sibling just hasn’t ‘got it’ yet.

Do be my friend regardless of my siblings behavior.
I won’t be a bad influence. Honest.

Do tell me you’ll pray for them.
For where 2 or more are gathered.

Do ask about the fun memories.
My sibling can be fun to be around. Sometimes.

I am me.
I am not my sibling.

Being the sibling of a prodigal child

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