screen shot for the new readers.

We glanced at it for a bit….definitely for the new reader…fun all the same.

Below is the screen shot of the game for the more advanced reader. Say ages 7-12. They can choose between going to the mall, library, stadium, or the comprehension gym.

Going to the library they can pick out a book. Read it online and then get ‘eggs’ for reading it. For example Timon of Athens will get the reader 220 ‘eggs.’

Next the reader might want to go to the Stadium. Then can compete against the computer or another player somewhere else in the world…Jesse played against a girl in Australia. Games played are spelling, grammar, and vocabulary.

The eggs you earn can be used at the Mall. They can buy anything from clothes to pets to home furnishings for their ‘apartment.’
The gym has a different game each day. Might be recognizing the correct spelling of a word or putting words in the right order to make a sentence.

Another fun thing….they can dress their character and change hair color etc. So it can look like them or look nothing like themselves.

A 12 month subscription to Reading Eggs is $75. 6 months is $49.95. There is also a month to month option that is $9.95. You can try it free for 14 days before signing up.

Jesse really liked this program…His favorite part was going against other players in other parts of the world….his least favorite was the timed games….he doesn’t do well under pressure.


I received this free for my review. My opinions are my own.