Drove my husbands redneck truck to town the other day.
Believe me, you would never know I was born and raised in Seattle when I sit behind the wheel of this truck.
Driving this truck makes me feel like I was born in the country. That I grew up on a dirt road miles from anywhere.

Our Redneck Truck

When I say Redneck Truck I mean a truck with a rusty hood & wipers that don’t turn off when you want them to.
It has a clutch that’s stiff and makes me knee ache after too much in-town driving.
It could use a paint job and a little TLC under the hood.
It’s a really good truck.
The brakes are finicky, so you need to be gentle.
It’s a diesel with the low miles, you know, in the 145,000 range.
The shocks. Oh the shocks. If you hit the potholes in our driveway just right you are likely to hit your head on the roof.
This truck serves us so well.

It’s our take the garbage to the dump truck.
It’s our haul the quads to the woods to hunt truck.
It’s our wood truck.

I love this truck.

Do you have a Redneck truck or a favorite vehicle on your homestead?

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