Tonight 20/20 did a segment titled Young Guns.

Specifically gun safety in America, or lack thereof, as they perceived.
I didn’t want to watch it because I knew I would get angry and I did.


They showed kids in classrooms learning a catchy tune on how it’s not okay to touch guns and what to do if you find one. The day after teaching these children the catchy tune they placed guns, out in the open, in the classroom.

They then video taped the children’s response.

Of course these kids were curious. Mostly the boys. They touched the guns. They showed kids picking the guns up and looking down the barrel. They showed the children pulling the triggers.

They showed where parents had hidden their guns in closests, etc and the kids had found them. The kids had to do some serious digging to find a couple of these guns.

They placed the guns on playgrounds. Those pink guns that look like toys. Kind of like “Here little girl, want a piece of candy.”

To be “balanced” they went to a family gathering where they were shooting guns for fun. We have done this with other families. 20/20 could have come to our house.


Again, 20/20 said the people were letting their kids play with, not shoot, a machine guns when, in fact, it was a child, under parental supervision, shooting an AR15, which is a semi-automatic rifle. A machine gun, which 20/20 said this child had, is a fully automatic weapon.
That child did look young to me, but he was with 2 or 3 adults within inches of him. He was supervised and being educated.

Here are my arguments to tonight’s show:

#1 A five minute catchy tune is not going to be near enough gun safety education.
#2 The education is the responsibility of the PARENTS, not the school.
#3 The show was blatantly biased by their vocabulary. They, themselves, aren’t even educated enough on the types of guns being used. They shouldn’t even do a show until they know what they are talking about.
#4 They made it sound like childhood deaths by guns was an epidemic.

TOTAL over 11 years. It doesn’t say if this number included illegal guns in the hands of gangs.

Average, PER YEAR, drownings

When educating a child about guns you can not candy coat it.
You can not be “Oh honey, now don’t touch the gun.”
You need to be firm. You need to tell them what will happen. You need to be responsible.
That catchy song, one time, in a classroom full of children? Not enough. Not for kids in the video game era who think you get 3 lives.
It needs to be a daily event, from their parents.


Do I feel bad for those parents that lost their child? Of course I do. I am not heartless, but I am fed up of the leftist agenda on gun control.




I am tired of them taking away our Constitution on one side and screaming Women’s Rights on the other.

I am all for education. I am not okay with propaganda.

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