Rosemary Essential Oil

Joint Support
Use 1 drop and massage into area that is having feelings of discomfort.

Supports Breathing
Apply topically to chest and neck area, or gargle hourly or diffuse.

Scalp support
Make a scrub for the scalp by mixing 2-4 drops of Rosemary, into 2oz of No Poo, and rub it into the scalp.

Joint Degeneration
1-2 drops on affected area.
After application, cover with a hot towel compress.
Repeat 2-3 times per day.

Massage into the scalp and apply topically to bottoms of feet several times a day. (yes, I got ithcy just typing this)

Menstrual Irregularity
Massage into abdomen, lower back, and shoulders or apply with a warm compress over lower belly.

Rosemary should be avoided during pregnancy as it can lead to a miscarriage, it is also wise to avoid this oil while breastfeeding. Should not be used by people with epilepsy. Avoid if Rosemary essential oil with high blood pressure.

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