I would hope, that my professing to be Christian, people would know my views on:
Marriage Equality
Constitutional rights like gun ownership a freedom of speech.
The freedom to homeschool, although we didn’t bring kids home for religious reasons.

I don’t need to post daily,in your face, pictures or rants about these topics.
I don’t because I am trying to be respectful of others.
Those that don’t have the same views.

My posting isn’t going to change their mind. Anymore than them posting about their views is going to change mine.

So when people post about how those girls are committing murder by having an abortion……
or how people don’t have the right to marry who they love……
or how when posting a quote from a trashy television show (which I did recently)

“I think it’s child abuse because you don’t send your child to school”

A debate about homeschool vs. public school ensued.

NOT about how rude it was for one person to SAY this to another human being.

People who NEVER talk to me on Facebook, or outside of Facebook for that matter, made their opinion known.
They ‘discussed’ on my Facebook their opinion and said to others that their comments were ignorant. Now THAT’S getting bees with honey.

When something pops up in my feed that I don’t agree with I don’t go to that persons page and rant about how they are wrong.
I have not made one comment regarding my views on that little Equal sign that went around Facebook.
I don’t post pictures of aborted babies to get my point across.
I don’t blast POTUS or his wife.
What kind of witness is that. Why would anybody WANT to be like Christ if THAT is how He is represented?

I try to live my life in such a way, that, by loving and living like Jesus did, you know where I stand on these topics.
You can probably tell by what pops up in your news feed of things I have ‘liked.’ I have no control over that. If you don’t like it, change your settings or delete me.
All in the name of tolerance of course.

My point of this post you are asking?
People say things on Facebook they wouldn’t say to somebody’s face. They say things without thinking about how their words may hurt.

I am NOT talking about being Politically Correct.
I AM talking about being a witness. Loving how Jesus loved. Speaking only kind words about or to EVERYBODY.

Think before you post.

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