Please read this before you stock up with the Lysol wipes and sprays. I can share something safer & more effective!!

Flu season is upon us & maybe you are seeing the “Lysol everything” posts.

We can’t know what we don’t know.

Did you know that Lysol spray is purposely made sticky? You spray it in the air and it doesn’t actually diminish odors, it masks them.

The sticky spray particles are inhaled by the user (and anyone who has the misfortune of being nearby) coating the hairs in the nose so you can only smell the Lysol. The bad smell is still in the air, you just can’t smell anything but what is stuck up your nose.

The sticky particles are also inhaled into your lungs. Your lungs will produce mucous to rid the lung cilia of the sticky substance.

Excess mucous floods your lungs, causing chest congestion, wheezing, hopefully coughing to clear it out, but ultimately, you are drowning in your own phlegm. This is an asthmatic reaction that can send the sensitive to the Emergency Room.

Ask yourself- Is 👆🏼THAT ☝🏼 something we should be subjecting a human being fighting something that’s already producing mucus???

Lysol also has other harmful effects that damage body systems; endocrine disruptors, central nervous system effects.

Lysol is actually classified as a pesticide by the FDA.

This product gets an ‘F’ in EWG. It’s the absolute lowest, most dangerous score possible.

Ridding our households of the things we are in control of one by one is our responsibility. I used to use all these types of products until I learned better.

💪🏼 Knowledge is power 💪🏼

Let’s not overload our bodies with toxins while fighting illness & instead replace those toxins (& mindsets) with NUTRIENTS & IMMUNITY building ingredients to STRENGTHEN our immune systems! 💪🏼

We are the gate keepers of our home.

Opt for making simple and inexpensive non-toxic cleaners from ingredients already lying around your house.

On Guard essential oil (our natural immune support) is PHENOMENAL in what it can do against viruses and bacteria.
Here is a science experiment that has the proof right here.
Every day and in the midst of what’s happening in the world today…this is what my family uses:
👉 Washes our hands with On Guard foaming hand soap all throughout the day.
👉 Uses On Guard hand sanitizing just (has alcohol AND On Guard… POWERFUL!)
👉 We clean and sanitize our home with On Guard concentrate cleaner.
👉 On Guard oil is on the spine and feet of all the kids. + We added in today On Guard+ softgels internally because we aren’t taking any chances!

What the On Guard softgels contains not only On Guard which is SUPER immune boosting and protecting, but also other POWERFUL essential oils proven to be effective against viruses and bacteria.
On Guard On Guard On Guard! If you don’t have any I can help you get some!
Topically, Internally, Aromatically (DIFFUSE!!)
It feels good when you know that what you’re using isn’t harming your health and the health of your children and that you’re being PROACTIVE and actually can do something to protect you!


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