We all go through seasons of life….

For me it was teen mom and married, single mom, married again and more babies…When my 3rd was born my boys were 5 and 6. Two years later was number 4…so I had 8,7,2 year olds and a newborn.  MOPS was my saving grace in that season of my life.  Add to that my dad passing away when the baby was 2 months old.

Fast forward to the Move to Idaho season.  Kids are 3,5,10, and 11….

Then the You are going to Homeschool season. Kids were 7,9,14, and 15. Really God? Really? Oh and to mix it up your mother is going to move over and live in her 5th wheel on your property.  Then 2 years later she is going to have open heart surgery.

I am now in  the 2 adult children season. With a middle schooler and a freshman (this fall) on their tail.  I am not sure which I would rather have.  The toddler and preschool season where  life seems simple. Although when you are IN it, it feels like it will never end.  Or the older kids who can take care of themselves, for the most part, and you are just a guide.  Redirect them when they need it.  But really not near as hands on.  More of the background support.  I am here if you need me, but I need to NOT be the helicopter mom. I try not to be anyway.

The Taxi mom season is here as well with active, ahem, socialized kids that can’t drive yet. Soccer and theater are their activities of choice.  With high school soccer starting in August!

Parenting doesn’t end when they turn 18. Silly me for thinking when then turned 18 that I was done.  Thankfully my boys still call…well one is back home, so there is a new season….the Boomerang child season. The boy at college doesn’t call as often as I would like….there is that Helicopter mom in me again…but he does call and it is wonderful thing.

Soon enough will be the Empty nest season….well we can hope, as it doesn’t seem like THAT will ever happen. 

The Grandparent season is what I am looking forward to, albeit not too soon please!

What is amazing, well not amazing, because God shouldn’t amaze me in the I’m surprised way….very cool to me is to see His presence in each season. Knowing exactly what I needed with each step. Very cool, not amazing in a surprising kind of way…..


What season are you in?

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