Sharecropping the Apocalypse

Ron Foster does it again. Entertaining you, as well as educating you. I find myself taking notes as I read his books and Sharecropping the Apocalypse was no different.

After a cyber attack and wide spread sabotage by terrorists took out the United States electrical grid one group of survivors found themselves far worse off than the rest of the populace.

Was his best writing? No. Being self published it had a few grammatical errors that I had a hard time getting past. That is my own issue and the education in this book makes up for it.
I love the genre of reading and this book is a good read. I will be honest in that it took me awhile to “get into it” but I love this author.

I have read a few books from Ron and wasn’t dissapointed. Bug Out! Preppers on the Move review here and you can also read my review of Preppers Road March

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