SiblingsYou are fearfully and wonderfully made…..

Isn’t that amazing. He knows the hair on our heads. Before we were formed in our mothers womb.

With each different person is a different personality.
I compare my boys often. They are 16 months apart in age. Couldn’t be further apart in personality. Nada.
They don’t dress the same.
They don’t like the same music.
They don’t like the same cars.
Completely different.

The younger two I don’t compare often because they are not the same gender.

What I find fascinating is that they were all raised basically the same.
The older two didn’t have much discipline in their younger years, but that changed when The Principal joined our family.
From there on out they were all four the same.

Each one responded differently to discipline as well.

The oldest we used a lot of tough love on. Still do.
The youngest if you looked at him wrong he would cry.

The girl child watched and learned and doesn’t cross that line. She doesn’t even put her toe on it. She does NOT get that from me.
Boy child #2, classic middle child, was sneaky. I am hearing stories now of his childhood antics.

Something else I find fascinating, as the older boys grow into adulthood, are the mannerisms from their father, whom they weren’t raised with.
It’s quite creepy at times. Especially since they are about the age he was when we met. That, I suppose is more genetics than personality.

Here is a little personality quiz on Focus on the Family

I believe He loves us the way we understand best. Like love languages.

Do you know your child’s love language? What they will respond to best when being disciplined? How do they feel loved by you?

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