Side effects of essential oils

I have compiled a list. A list of things that the “Experts” neglect to tell you when you start using essential oils.
These are in no particular order and can happen when you first start using oils or at least in the first few months.

#1 Make New Friends!
The experts don’t tell you that as a result of using Essential Oils that you will smell funny and people will want to know what that smell is. As a result you will start talking about oils and they will want to use them too. This will happen anywhere. In the bathroom at
the movie theater, in church, or maybe the checkout line at Target.

#2 You will quickly realize you need ALL.THE.OILS
Because there is “An oil for that” you realize you need all of them. Every single oil and oil blend. Then you get your free Oil of the Month and use it up so fast that you need to order another bottle. You can’t possible wait until the next month so you end up with 2 orders very month.

#3 Your family will think you are crazy
Ok. My family already thinks I am crazy because I am a prepper. They will tell you that your ‘hippie’ oils are weird. Then, they will get a mosquito bite (because they refused your bug spray) and ask you what to use to get the itching to stop. You will give them Lavender and then the itching will stop.

#4 You will be happy and energetic
A side effect of essential oil use is happiness and a sense of well-being. The experts don’t share this tidbit with you. How the blends Elevation or Citrus Bliss will make you so happy and uplifted. Or that using Life Long Vitality will give you energy and your 75 year old Mother in Love wants to know “What have you given her?” She has so much energy!

#5 You friends will call you the Oil Pusher
Because you love how the oils make you feel you want everybody to feel the same way. You love them and want what is best for them. Soon, you will find yourself telling people how great the oils are. Just about any ailment one has can be treated with an oil. Your friends will stop telling you what their problem is because they don’t want to hear, again, what oil is best for their runny nose or paper cut. No, they don’t want another sample of Lavender or Peppermint,

These are just a few of the side effects that you don’t hear about. I could go on and on, but my diffuser needs to be refilled.
What are some side effects that you have experienced?


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