Whenever I go to Seattle I come back liking Idaho more. Maybe not so much Idaho as our lifestyle. When we lived over there….8 1/2 years ago now….we were very much a keeping up with the Jonses  lifestyle. We really never ever kept up. Tried to have a better car, better house, for the kids to have better clothes…read Gymboree and GAP. They had to be cute for preschool ya know.
We had decided, when our daughter was born, that if I had to work to get something we wanted it wasn’t worth having….I did work part time at Target….this ended in, what will someday be, another testimony post.  I wasn’t an effective wife or mother when working.
Fast forward to our move to Idaho. We are in the country….no more quick trips to Target or Costco. No more strip malls every mile. This helped me drastically stop spending.  Pair that with the area we live in….the latest styles aren’t a big deal….unless you are talking about the newest quad.  Then we started homeschooling and my kids didn’t even KNOW what the latest styles were. 
I really started feeling simple when I made mashed potatoes from scratch. Then came freezer jam! Hanging my clothes on the clothesline. So domestic!
These were baby steps….but they were steps to not falling for the consumerism that happens.
Do you live simply? Do you have tips for me?