Snow started falling Monday…..3 inches of fresh powder…..

Tuesday another 3 or 4 inches

Wednesday…..I think it snowed….the days were blurring together at this point.

Thursday I managed to get some of the snow moved so the driveway was passable…..only to get home from rehearsal to have another 3 inches of white stuff… couldn’t tell I had plowed :*(

Today we are under another storm warning….5-10 inches of MORE SNOW!

Then there was this!

THIS my friends is Jesus in the form of a plow and driver! A BLESSING! A friend of ours, who owns a plow, had this guy come over and move the snow.(his plow guys truck)…A BLESSING because, as much as my 2 hours of plowing today helped, The Principal was going to have to move more….With more coming. The Principal has been gone all week for the 2nd week in a row. The last think I wanted him to have to do was plow more!

So THANK YOU Plow man! Thank you!

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