Spiritual Preparedness. More than Beans, Bullets, and Band aids.

This isn’t a post on preparing spiritually on getting to heaven.
This is a post about being ready, spiritually, if the you have an emergency. My emergency may not be the same as yours. It could be a job loss or car accident.
It could be a natural disaster or economic collapse, too.
Regardless of the emergency will you be ready, spiritually? Will you be able to handle the stress of life changing event. A new normal?

My mother, who lived in her 5th wheel on our property, died in September of 2011. She wasn’t in the best of health, but her death was completely unexpected. I had been in Seattle when I got the call and had to drive home alone. 6 hours.
My personality is to hold it together until I don’t have to anyway, but I was able to make this drive fairly well considering. I am sure there was a a bit of shock in there, but I give credit to my faith walk for being able to drive across the state. Did I mention I had run a half marathon the day before? So add sore and stiff to the 6 hours.

When I read the news, which I do daily, I always have at the back of my mind not to have a spirit of fear. By news I don’t mean CNN or MSNBC or even FOX. I read alternative news sources like Alt Market and the Drudge Report
I keep up on things like Jade Helm which you can read more about here and here oh and on Facebook here.
I keep watch on the California drought situation (read here)
Did you know there were a few Wal Mart stores across the country having a plumbing problem?
To add to this The Principal and I may have some life changing stuff happening in a good way. I can’t quite share just yet, but I can say it is our faith that will keep us from living in fear of the news that is out there and know that it’s His timing that is in all things.

What might the point of all of this be?
First and foremost be spiritually aligned. That, for us as Christian’s, is with Jesus. For some it may be a different belief. It’s what our core values are.
With this alignment comes peace, independence, and confidence for whatever we will face in the future.

For us before the beans, the bullets, or the band-aids, we have our bible.
Does our preparedness mean we lack faith in God? No. I don’t believe it does.
I am not going to see the country as it is today and say “Oh the government will come to my aid if something happens.” Have you seen what happened after Hurricane Katrina?
At the same time I am not going to say “Oh, I know so and so has extra rice and beans, I will just go there.” Wrong answer. I also hope if you know where I live and are reading this that you have at least done SOMETHING to prepare yourselves for an emergency.

Spiritual Preparedness. More than Beans, Bullets, and Band aids

All this to say there is peace with prepredness. There is more peace when you know that this world isn’t all there is.

What does Spiritual Preparedness look like for you?
Go read this article by Prepper Church.

Come back next week for Physical Preparedness.