I was doing so great this summer. Exercising. Clean eating.
Then the reunion and Road Trip 2012 were over and I stopped.
No more Kettle bell.
No more Paleo.


It’s too much!

Even my 15 year old daughter is following suit. Junk food galore. AND she knows eating junk food makes you feel like crap.

I know. I know….don’t buy it. Don’t bring it in the house.

We bought chips and dip, chili dog makings, and buffalo wings for an Election Party.

Of course there are left overs.
Of course I HAVE to eat them. I can’t let all the ‘good’ junk food go bad.

So what am I going to do about it, you ask….you know you are wondering.

Well. I’ll tell you.

My super duper special-to-me online friend Kristi is also getting back in the wagon.

This is what happens when you tweet “I must stop the madness”

So Kristi and AliaJoyH (who made the cute button) and I are going to hold each other accountable.

Our bodies are temples….we need to treat them as such.

Are you in?

Just follow on #1Cor619 on Twitter to join the conversation.
The more peeps to hold each other up the better.

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