Over the years I have written about Morale Boosting Foods if the SHTF, 5 Things I’ll Miss the Most if the SHTF, and this post about Normalcy Bias.


I don’t think I have shared what oils will help your actual stress when the SHTF. Your SHTF may look different than mine, but I think it is safe to say that we ALL had a little of it back in March of this year. Fast forward to today and we have the election coming up, social media is as divided as ever, and there is a ton of social unrest in our country.

We can reduce some of the stress just by staying off of Facebook and turning off the news.

Last year a new oil came into my life and it has truly saved me on more than one occasion. That oil is called Adaptiv.

essential oils for stress  


Adaptiv is a blend of essential oils that promote calm feelings. My husbands driving can, on occasion, scare me to death. Enter Adaptiv. I watched too much news when Covid first happened and I thought we were all going to die. Enter Adaptiv. We were camping over Labor Day weekend and a huge wind storm came through as we were packing up. Enter Adaptiv.

Adaptiv essential oil blend can be used in a diffuser or as a roll on. I have the roll on in my car, my purse, my BOB, and on my desk. It truly just helps me keep my wits about me. I roll it on my wrists or behind my ears.


If you would like to know about the science behind Adaptiv I would go read the clinical trials.

I take sharing about oils very seriously. Especially for a STHF scenario. When I say this oil works, I mean it.
If you need a bit more stress support, there is a supplement as well. I take it everyday and it is safe to say my household is happier. You may not know this, but suffer from PCS or Post Concussion Syndrome. Since my accident, I do have elevated emotional responses to things 😉 hence why I carry the oil with me everywhere.

Grab your Adaptiv and 2 more oils for stress support by checking out my online store. You will also receive a 1 year wholesale membership to get the best prices on your oils for preparedness. You totally don’t HAVE to get the membership, but friends don’t let friends pay retail.

Do you need Essential Oils of your own?
You can send me an e-mail and I will personally assist
you in choosing the best oils to fit your needs.
You can also visit my store.
Please use discretion if using oils.
I am not a doctor and can not diagnose or treat what ails ya.
I can just give my advice. Essential Oils have yet to be
approved by the FDA.

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