Spring is in full swing and Summer is just around the corner.
With Summer comes bugs and sun!
Here are the essential EO’s to have to survive the summer.

Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint are a killer combination for seasonal support.
1-2 drops of each to a shot glass of water would be effective at knocking out that discomfort.
We also have these in a veggie cap and make one up daily. We also have TriEase Seasonal Blend ready to go.

Bug Spray

This super concentrated blend only needs to be applied every 4-6 hours. A couple of drops on exposed skin. You can also use 15-20 drops of Protective Blend, with water or Fractionated coconut oil, in a small, dark, glass spray bottle. You want the bottle to be dark so the oil doesn’t loose it’s effectiveness. (found here) If you choose water, shake before each use.
If you’ve already been bit try a couple of drops of Lavender or Melaleuca oil to relieve itching.



Sunscreen Recipe

Avoid citrus oils in sunscreen because they are photosensitive.
I recommend Lavender because it is soothing to the skin.
This lotion needs to be stored in a dark ie; not opaque container. Sunlight will cause the oils to breakdown and loose effectiveness. I found these, but not in individual containers. Maybe have a lotion making party with your friends.

Sunburn Spritzer if you didn’t get the sunscreen in time:

1 oz Water
2-4 Drops of Lavender
1 Drop Helichrysum (both found here)
1/2 teaspoon of Pure Organic Aloe Vera

Do you have any GO TO recipes for natural alternatives?
Share them in the comments!



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