T is for Teenager….I have 2 and 1 tween and an almost (ahem) 21 yr old. For a bit last year I had 3 teenagers….

I know some families choose to send their kids to public high school so that can get a ‘real’ diploma.  We are not one of those families.  My opinion is this: I feel that kids need us almost more in their teen than they do when they are younger.  There are so many outside, worldly influence’s. Being a teenager is hard enough without having to deal with all of that extra baggage that comes with high school.  I have always, always wanted my kids to BE THEMSELVES! Be who God has molded them to be. I honestly feel this is best achieved by being at home. 

We have a family picture.  One of those old time photos.  We are all dressed in the outfit we chose.  Our 2nd son chose a Mexican Sombrero.  That was his style.  His personality.  That same son just came home from Boise having helped in a youth ministry down there.  On his Facebook wall people commented their good-byes. More than one said how cool it was that he could be himself.

My kids are comfortable in their own skin!  I so WAS NOT when I was their age.


This week T is for Teenager….I have 7 1/2 more years of them. What is your T for?

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