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View How you View others. How others View you. How He Views you is really all that matters. Romans 5:8 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, He died for us. He loves us. He wants to give you your hearts desire. Will you accept how He Views you? Not worry about how the world Views you. How do you View Him?
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I have, in the past, participated in Lisa Jo's Five Minute Friday. Thought I would give it another try today. Five minutes of write. Have you participated? Leave me a link in comments so I can come read yours! Go/ Song There's a Song in my heart. The Song of The feeling of undoneness when I really focus on you. I mean REALLY Song. Not always the same Song that undoes me. Sometimes it's David…
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A Five Minute Friday post linked up with Lisa Jo. Five minutes. No corrections. No editing. Just write. Go/ I met you the summer before starting 6th grade. I was new. We hung out all summer. We were Friends. I thought so anyway. School started and you acted like you didn't know me. You actually bullied me. You followed me around the school yard taunting me. I was the new kid and you took full…
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Here. Here is where God has planted us. Here is where our children call home This place in the country. Where frogs croak loud and stars shine bright on a clear, cool night. Here is the only home they know. Or remember. This place, that, my almost 14 year old says he knows like the back of his hand. Every tree. Every critter hole. Here. Where we call home. Where, the day we moved in,…
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Five minutes of 't write. Cherished. Time. You. Time with you. The weeks you are out of town make me Cherish you all the more. Our weekends seem so short. The week seem to drag on. As the years go by you are more Cherished. Some days I can't believe it's been 17 it seems like yesterday. I don't tell you enough. That you are Cherished. Although words aren't your love language. You are Cherished.…
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Welcome #FiveMinuteFriday

To participate in Five Minute Friday all you do is write according to the prompt from Lisa Jo. You get 5 mintues. No more. No less. No editing. Just write. Go/ I am on my second round of teenagers. Something I have found that is a good policy to have is making them feel Welcome. When it's the early, sleepy hours of the day and they want to come into our room to talk. Or…
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Graceful Five Minute Friday

  Five minutes. Transparent. Raw.   Go/   Graceful.  Grief is not Graceful. I am coming up on a year since mom died. It was Sept 10th that she went into the long term care. I was supposed to be for 14 days. She was there 9. I had that 6+ hour drive home. I stopped a lot to else that isn't Graceful? Trying to walk the day after a half marathon. That evening I…
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5 Minute Friday- Together

5 minutes of writing no holds Go/ Together Saying nothing Or saying everything Sometimes nothing is everything Never In my scariest dreams Would we be together In this place With one of our children there In that place But, to me, as long as we are Whereever you need me to be Together on the phone Together in this place Or Together in the next place I'll be there so So we can go through…
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5 Minute Friday-Grit

5 minutes. Unscripted. Unedited. Go Grit. The ebb and flow. The good and the bad. Grief. Joy. I was the apple of their eye. Now. Nothing. I am an adult yes? But I will always be the baby. The little sister. Daddy's little girl. Now? Abandoned? Nobody. They said they wouldn't leave. They said that I would not be alone. Grit. The truth of it is Grit. I have my kids. I have my amazing…
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