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Eggs-actly What to do with all of those Easter Eggs

Easter is less than a week away. Usually with Easter comes eggs. Hardboiled to make deviled eggs. Maybe your family dyes eggs. Regardless they are popular this time of year. Did you know there was a way to dye Easter without that little kit from the grocery store. Jessica at 104Homestead shares egg-sactly (see what I did there) how to do just that in her post How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally She also has…
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Raising Chickens 101

  RASING CHICKENS 101   So you want to raise chickens. Here are a few tips to get you started. Then go over to my post about the 5 Things I learned AFTER Getting Chickens. You're welcome, in advance, for saving you a ton of trouble. #1 Is it Legal If you are in the country, like we are, then you are probably fine. If you are in the suburbs, and you want to raise…
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