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Girl Talk

When you talk to others do you say what you mean? Do you speak in ways that they have to figure out what you really mean? Or are you very cut and dry with what you say? An example: If my husband asks how are you I most likely will say has known me long enough to know that different tones of fine are if I really am fine. Confusing isn't it. Poor guy can't…
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On Dating

A guest post by Christina over at Momma Day by Day. You can read her bio here   To Date or Not To Date: That is the Question I was never the “pretty one”. You know, the friend who always has perfect hair, perfect clothes, and has a line of potential boyfriends during Homecoming time. Nope. That was never me. In fact, my best friend was the “pretty one” and I was often resorted to…
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What is Courting?

Courting: verb; Be involved with romantically, typically with the intention of marrying. While courting may seem old fashioned and 'un-cool' in this day and it not better than getting hurt by having a boyfriend only to break up in a month or two? All of that time and emotion invested for what? So while my post courting vs. dating may not have been mainstream, I pray it gave you something to at least think about.…
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Christian Living

Courting vs Dating

Today I am going to talk about courtship vs dating. Now I am not a psychologist or a pastor. I am just a mom who was a am speaking from experiences in my When I think of dating the mom to 4 of which are young adult men and 1 a teen GIRL! Annnnd looking back on my own history of what could be called as was more just boyfriend girlfriend no real of heartache…
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Advice about Guys from Jessica

So girls, when it comes to boys and relationships the best advice I can give you is: Go to God. That's really one of the best pieces of advice I could give in general. God has an incredible plan for each of your lives and He knows what's best for you. Not only that, He cares about the desires of your heart. So if you desire to one day get married, God has a certain…
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