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Essential Oils

Steps to take to Stay Healthy

*UPDATE* This didn't age well. Written in Jan 2020. We didn't know what we didn't know. Most of this is still true, minus the gloves and mask where I said I wouldn't leave the house. In my defense I was thinking more Contagion and not Plandemic. I will add that myself, nor my immediate family have gotten the vid. So I think it is safe to say this worked!   Awhile back I wrote an…
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31 Days of Emergency Preparedness

5 Levels of Preparedness

What are the 5 levels of preparedness you ask? It is a tool to see how ready you are for an emergency. Whether it be an earthquake, snowstorm, or major illness in the family. It could also be for economic collapse or other major event. Level 0 Not prepared at all, thus making every emergency a disaster Less than 2 weeks of food in your house No self defense No water stored or way to…
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