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Reading Eggs TOS review

  screen shot for the new readers. We glanced at it for a for the new all the same. Below is the screen shot of the game for the more advanced reader. Say ages 7-12. They can choose between going to the mall, library, stadium, or the comprehension gym. Going to the library they can pick out a book. Read it online and then get 'eggs' for reading it. For example Timon of Athens will…
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Body of Evidence~Integumentary System

I was so excited to get to review Integumentary System~Body of Evidence. It is produced by Answers in Genesis. This DVD is a 2 part series.  Part 1 is 45 minutes  Part 2 is 48 minutes. It is suggested for ages 12 and up. The skin is the largest organ in the body! This DVD covers the epidermis, dermis, and hypo dermis. Skins glands and appendages such as hair and nails. It goes over how…
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