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Food Storage

Step by Step Guide to Dehydrating Eggs for Long Term Food Storage

We have 8 hens. We get 6-8 eggs every day. There are only 4, soon to be 3, of us in the house. That ends up being a lot of eggs every week. After doing some research on what to do with this overflow of eggs that we had I decided on dehydrating. I could freeze them or use mineral oil and store them. I may try those for another post. Now, there are two…
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We’ve Got Eggs

I don't know if you know we have chickens. We got them last spring. Then we lost all of them to our Blue Heeler :( So we got more. We now have 2 hens and 2 roosters. Well some exciting news here at Red Rock Ranch. We've got eggs! We had gone outside to clean out the coop. And lo and ! Boy Child #3 is much more willing to clean out the coop now…
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