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Spring Reset

  photo credit: jasonEscapist via photopin   Spring is like New Year's for me. The sun is out. The snow is gone. Dust bunnies cleared from my head. I find it to be a great time to reset my routine. I am doing Paleo to reset how my body works and feels. I am doing Hello Mornings to reset my days. I am doing Hello Exercise to reset my lack of energy. This also is…
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Stop the Madness

I was doing so great this summer. Exercising. Clean eating. Then the reunion and Road Trip 2012 were over and I stopped. No more Kettle bell. No more Paleo. I MUST STOP THE MADNESS! It's too much! Even my 15 year old daughter is following suit. Junk food galore. AND she knows eating junk food makes you feel like crap. I know. I 't buy it. Don't bring it in the house. We bought chips…
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