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Christian Living

Save the Drama for your Mama

I would hope, that my professing to be Christian, people would know my views on: Marriage Equality Abortion Constitutional rights like gun ownership a freedom of speech. The freedom to homeschool, although we didn't bring kids home for religious reasons. I don't need to post daily,in your face, pictures or rants about these topics. I don't because I am trying to be respectful of others. Those that don't have the same views. My posting isn't…
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Facebook Official

  I recently looked up the term "Facebook official" after our Rose had changed her last name, but had forgotten to say she was married to her then fiance. The official declaration that a relationship is legit marked by posting "in a relationship" on Facebook. The acceptance that a relationship is real based on their Facebook relationship status. Tim gave Lucy flowers for her birthday, are they dating? No, i checked this morning and it…
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