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Wholesome Fun

25 Family Friendly Games

I am teaming up with a few of my friends from the Green Mom Bloggers Network. Our Top 25 choices for Christmas. I chose Family Friendly Games. We own most of the ones on this list. We have been a homeschool family for a little over 9 years so the majority of these are educational. These are in no particular order Say Anything Every player answers a fun question like “What’s the worst thing to…
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Top 10 Family Board Games for a Power Outage

These are our families favorite board games. Great way to pass the time if there is a winter storm or a power outage. Hopefully you are reading this BEFORE you actually need the games and are prepared when it does happen. This list is in no particular order. We have played and do own them all. Pandemic Players have to eradicate the pandemic before it spreads. I'd like to think of this as practice haha…
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